Converter station, South Africa
The South African power network operator ESKOM had already begun operating the Apollo Converter Station near Johannesburg in 2004. The plant serves to distribute the power produced at the power station at the Zambezi Falls throughout the whole of South Africa.

This was the first time that a project with a voltage level of more than 600 Kilovolt direct current designed with a +30 percent safety margin had been completed. The Lorünser clamps were therefore designed for a voltage level of over 800 Kilovolt direct current.

Thyristor valves are used as converter valves in the station, which as opposed to most other HVDC plants are installed in the open air in oil filled containers and not in a hall. Lorünser developed and supplied the clamps together with the contractor, ABB Ludvika.
Converter-Station Apollo 600 KVDC – South Africa Converter-Station Apollo 600 KVDC – South Africa

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