Bucharest South Substation, Romania
The greater part of the capital is supplied with power from the Romanian Bucarest South Substation. In 2004 the Romanian high voltage network operators, Transelectrica, the state owned power supply company, contracted Power Transmission and Distribution (PTD), a subsidiary of Siemens AG Austria, to carry out the complete modernisation of the largest (and at that time already 40 year old) 400/220/110 Kilovolt transformer station in the country. The challenge: in order not to jeopardise the capital's power supply, the transformer plant could at no time be completely switched off. Lorünser Austria was given the task of developing the required components such as string-sets, clamps, insulators, conductors and tubes as well as the complete engineering. This entailed renewing the components of the 400 Kilovolt plant completely and components of the 220 Kilovolt lines field-by-field. For space reasons, the 110 Kilovolt voltage level was equipped with gas isolated busbars. Bucharest South Substation, Romania

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