Laufenburg Transformer Station, Switzerland
This substation is located west of the small Swiss town of Laufenburg near the German border at an important junction for Europe wide power distribution. The liberalisation of the electric power market together with the rapid growth of power energy means that the energy flow throughout Europe has grown significantly. For this reason the transmission capacity of the high voltage grid had to be brought into line with the changing requirements.

Overland lines from various directions come together on the transformer busbars at the Laufenburg Substation. From this transformer point – this is a combined air/gas isolated plant – the power is transmitted to distant towns and rural areas. The task was to convert the existing 220 Kilovolt voltage level to 380 Kilovolt while it continued in operation.

Lorünser Austria supplied and fitted the respective clamps on the gas isolated busbars for this purpose. For the first time in Europe the "one stop supplier" concept was employed. In addition to clamps, conductors, tubular busbars, tension string-sets (including the insulators) were supplied. Furthermore, starting with simple switching diagrams, the complete engineering was undertaken.
Substation Laufenburg, Switzerland Substation Laufenburg, Switzerland

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