Cable pulleys
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Do you need a suitable cable pulley for your hoisting tasks? The Lorünser production ranges from simple hoisting and hauling cable pulleys through slanting rollers and track rollers to special pulleys tailor made to fit special requirements.

We can provide a rapid and suitable solution from a multiple of different parameters. We use proven modern production methods and employ CAD and FEM processes

From a single mould

Standard pulleys are primarily cast in moulds at Lorünser, the bearing settings in the pulley body are surface sealed. The shoulder rings are produced in cast aluminium, aluminium forgeable alloy or steel, depending on the requirement.

Permanent mould casting is particularly suited to medium to long production runs. The cast parts are used for the most varied applications. They can be from a few grams to over 60 kilos in weight. The advantage is that parts produced in this way have a finer and more compact grain structure than those produced using sand casting process. The result is remarkable – the customer gets a product with better mechanical properties as well as greater dimensional accuracy.
Cable pulleys

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