Tension string sets & post insulators
Energised for the customer

Lorünser tension string sets are being used in over 100 countries in the world. Depending on customer requirements and specification, Lorünser engineers design exact detailed suspension and tension string sets using 3D CAD programmes. Simple as well as standardised parts as well as special requirements can be simply and rapidly implemented in our in-house production facility. Having our own production facility is a particular advantage because various insulator types, conductor types and bundle configurations and their innumerable construction variations can be accommodated and produced.

No half measures

The isolators are supplied by Lorünser – depending on customer requirements in high strength polymeric, glass or porcelain. There is no question that quality is at the forefront here. That is why Lorünser favours exclusively reputable European suppliers for high voltage insulators. A decisive benefit for the customer is that Lorünser can provide complete solution for high voltage equipment and the whole chain – consisting of insulators, tension string sets, connecting elements, corona protection fittings and adjuster equipment.
UW Stendal, Germany UW Stendal, Germany

Substation Laufenburg, Switzerland
Substation Laufenburg, Switzerland

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