Laufenburg Transformer Station, Switzerland
Substation Laufenburg, Switzerland
Combined air/gas insolated 380 Kilovolt substation in the heart of Europe was supplied by Lorünser for the first time using the "one stop supplier" concept.

Laufenburg Substation has a particularly important supply function because of its proximity to the German border. The modernisation of the 380 Kilovolt plant had therefore to be carried out while the plant was in operation. Lorünser developed special clamps for the gas isolated busbars and undertook the engineering.
Bucharest South Substation, Romania
Complete modernisation of the largest 400/220/110 Kilovolt substation during operation.

Bucharest South Substation in Romania supplies more than two thirds of the capital's population with power. At no time during the modernisation, which had become absolutely necessary, could the power supply be endangered. Lorünser Austria was contracted to develop the components and carry out the complete engineering.
Hütte South Substation, Austria
The plant, in a hall on three floors, was extended to 110 Kilovolt and continuous current.

The voestalpine steel works in Linz, Austria, set itself the target of turning itself into the most modern integrated steel site in Europe. To achieve this, the power supply on site had to be significantly improved and in part replaced. Lorünser was contracted to develop and design the components with engineering.
Sombor Jagodina Substation, Serbia
Conversion of the existing 110 Kilovolt transformers to 400 Kilovolt.

The Serbian substations in Sombor and Jagodina were modernised, extended and, in parts, renewed over a number of years. This meant converting the existing 110 Kilovolt plant to the standard of 400 Kilovolt. Lorünser supplied the necessary components and subassemblies including the engineering.
Converter station, South Africa
Converter-Station Apollo 600 KVDC – South Africa
First time a converter station of over 600 Kilovolt DC has been commissioned.

ABB Ludvika installed the first converter station of over 600 Kilovolt DC at the beginning of 2000.
Lorünser supplied a new model series of clamps and shielding elements which it had developed together with ABB.

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